Regarding the DEFIBASE/RRFI airdrop

Our team decided to post this to address FAQ about the airdrop we are conducting for DEFIBASE/RRFI.

I want to start off by saying that this project is not just about the DEFIBASE/RRFI small airdrop that the team has decided to undertake.

We are attempting to build a new community here, and we appreciate all the people who have contacted us to assist us in this endeavour.

Let’s get started with the FAQ we have been getting here at Reflective Finance.

1. “How many tokens do I have to hold in order to receive the airdrop?”

You are allowed to hold as many or as few RRFI as you would like, we wanted to make the airdrop accessible to all people.

We are currently waiting for all the forms to be filled (on our google form) before we can know how to split the 150,000 RRFI tokens up to our early investors that got rugged.

2. “I bought my DEFIBASE at 20 ETH and sold my it for 0.2 ETH after the rug…. Am I eligible?”


Anyone who sold for a loss after the rug — obviously taking into account that they bought and held before the rug — will be eligible for the airdrop!

3. “Can I receive the airdrop if I did not fill the google form?”

You must complete the google form before the end of the pre-sale to be eligible.

Note: If you missed out on the pre-sale but purchased RRFI during the Uniswap public listing and filled the form, then you will be eligible for the airdrop.

4. “How long do I have to hold RRFI for to be eligible?”

You must hold RRFI 7 days before the airdrop round, and continue holding it until the airdrop is complete. Our team will take a snapshot in order to check who is eligible.

Note: The first airdrop will have a 5 day grace period in order to allow public sale investors to receive their airdrop.

5. “Does my wallet address have to be the same as the wallet address I purchased DEFIBASE with?”

This is super important!

The wallet address you got rugged from must be the same wallet that holds RRFI.

Anyone caught sending different addresses will not be eligible for the airdrop.

I hope this clears up a lot of the questions people have been messaging our team so far.

A quick point I would like to make about the airdrop…

The airdrop will be in ratio between how much RRFI an address holds and how much DEFIBASE they lost. More will be announced later regarding the equations.

We also want to help other victims of rugs in the future. If our community grows and flourishes we will hopefully be able to achieve this.

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RRFI is fork of an innovative Ethereum token that re-imagines the concept of DeFI yield generation, while assisting victims of rug-pulls.

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Reflective Finance

Reflective Finance

RRFI is fork of an innovative Ethereum token that re-imagines the concept of DeFI yield generation, while assisting victims of rug-pulls.

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